Stuck?  Need a Boost?

Sometimes we need to mix things up…

Let’s look at the 3 variables we control
(Food, Fitness, & Supplements)

– Food: might be time for some strict carbo counting – are you staying around or under 100 grams of carbs per day?  The only way to justify much more would be training for competition, trying to gain weight, or accommodating a specific nutritional issue per Dr’s recommendations…
– Water: being hydrated helps your metabolism by around 25%, I make myself have daily “focused chugging sessions” to stay on target
– Binging?  Avoid “episodes” of nutritional disaster… don’t wreck yourself on the weekends and then try to spend all week erasing the damage
– Wine?  Alcohol is a “volumizer”, you’ll retain water and your metabolism will function slower.  You may want to abstain or minimize until your goal is achieved, then it’s about moderation for maintenance.
– Simplicity: keep in mind that food is energy for living, 95% of the time hopefully we’re thinking about food in terms of fuel rather than pleasure.

– Frequency: how many times per week are you working out?  Might be time to bump it up to 5 days per week.
– Duration: how long are your workouts?  Might be time to bump the workout from 30 mins to 45 mins or fit in a 90 minute “epic cardio” 1-2 times per week.
– Intensity: how focused and intense are your workouts?  Might be time to weave in the Advo CanU24 DVD, some interval training, super-sets, CrossFit, etc.
*Each variable adds value… be honest about the one you’ve been neglecting!

Advocare Nutritionals:
– Rehydrate: an unsung hero of our line – consider using it in the afternoon and after dinner to combat false hunger cravings & boost metabolism with good hydration
– ThermoPlus: helps burn additional fat & calories
– MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System): this is a key nutritional for optimal metabolism
– Cleanse: might be time for a strict cleanse; when I’m looking for a cleanse to make a major impact, I’ll do only fruit until noon each day.
– My typical morning?  MNS MaxE, Catalyst (3), ThermoPlus (2), washed down with Spark -sets the body chemistry to win!


Give yourself an honest assessment, then begin the action & experimentation process.  If there is any doubt or question about the above options, run it by your health care provider.

Originally posted by:
Matt Warren


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