Story = Success

“Your packaged story gives you immediate confidence when put on the spot – and you’ll be put on the spot lots.”

Your Packaged Story is one of your most valuable assets in this business because no one and nothing can compete with it…

With today’s shortened attention spans, a 20-25 second story is essential!

It’s your “go to” response when put on the spot…

If you flounder, confusion reigns…

If you nail it, clarity and opportunity open…

I confess… for a long while I thought “Packaging Your Story” was a bit overrated and if you had a nice packaged story it was a luxury but not an essential…

Yet there I was on occasion… an AdvoCare veteran floundering for words when someone asked “What’s AdvoCare?”…

And I noticed my teammates having wet noodle stories as well… what else would I deserve if I hadn’t manned up myself?…

One day I said “Enough!” and I decided to re-package my story… it was time to finalize, TO INGRAIN…

I wanted something simple, true, and fun to say…

So that’s what I constructed…

“11 Years ago my buddy Patrick got me started on AdvoCare products… I dropped 20 LBS and kept it off and replaced Starbucks coffee with Spark energy drink… We thought about all the people we knew who drank coffee and soda and knew we had a potential business… so we started sharing and earned an extra $37,000 our first year working it part time.  It became a 6 figure income in our fourth year and has grown ever since. Now we’re still helping people feel better and earn additional part time income.”
(then I stop talking)

The result?  We’ve enrolled several folks partly because I’ve had a blast sharing my story.  People always respond with “Wow that’s awesome, so you…” and they ask a question about Spark, weight loss, or income, etc.


I dropped stiff terms like “business development” that I thought I had to use.  I made it conversational in my own words.

I mentioned simple income #’s that were easy to grasp.

20LBS was enough to mention regarding physique… I didn’t need to mention my inches, HDL count, hairs on my head, etc…

And yes, I’ve timed myself with a stop watch…
my story is around 22 seconds.

My challenge to you is to put this to bed.  Nail your story.

Yes you’ll experience a bit of discomfort identifying it, timing it, practicing it…

But that doesn’t compare to the permanent discomfort of dreading what to say when someone says “What’s AdvoCare?”

Action steps:
– Re-package your story.  Make it Simple & Specific.
– Once you’ve read it out loud and it reads like a conversation (vs. an English paper), send it to your sponsor or upline mentor for proofing and tips (and ask them to share with you their story).
– Look for opportunities right away to get some reps telling your story.

Hop on board and master your story!

Matt Warren

“A great life happens not by chance, but by design. My mission is to help you pursue good health, financial increase, and more free time; once those are in place, your purpose and passions can be fulfilled!”


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