A Worthy Conversation: Income Insurance

“With the volatility out there right now (world events, stock market), it’s a great time to have a Plan B and “income insurance” conversation with people.”

Thought provoking questions to ask yourself and others…

Do you have Home insurance? Auto insurance?  Health insurance?

How about income insurance?

Early in our AdvoCare journey, our primary goal and dream was to reach the Gold 3-Star level, which pays many families around $3500 per month…


Because we knew that level of income would cover most of our primary living expenses (housing and cars) if ever faced with Plan A job loss or transition…

Ask people if they lost their Plan A job if they have an ongoing source of income to protect them… most often the answer will be “No”…

When AdvoCare found us, we were a newly married couple, and I began to take finances and my ability to provide very seriously… as a single guy I had winged it a bit… but once married I took responsibility for my wife and future children… my thoughts on work and money changed. It was time to grow up and do whatever it took.  Preferences and conveniences became irrelevant…

My Plan A income was highly variable, while Amber’s was more steady. But neither were guaranteed.  We needed a Plan B – some “income insurance”…

AdvoCare was a great solution for us (as it is for many people around you, if you present it appropriately). We knew there was potential for more income (10K+ monthly) and had a goal for that, but Goal #1 that attracted us was Gold 3-Star…

Gold 3-Star is a level we knew we could achieve if we just kept at it and got better over time. Once we achieved it, we had gained the skills and experience to achieve the next levels of leadership.

With the volatility out there right now (world events, stock market) it’s a great time to have a Plan B and “income insurance” conversation with people.

To learn more about Gold 3-Star level, touch base with your local or upline AdvoCare support, and be looking for upcoming new training on the AdvoCare main site.
Take a closer look at AdvoCare

Tips brought to you by…
Matt Warren
AdvoCare Independent Distributor


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